Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sold to Ms. ZA, thanks!

Amethyst (purple) stones
Set of necklace & bracalet

Amethyst has a myriad of natural aids for the body. Like Tourmaline crystals, Amethyst gemstones produce small, detectable magnetic fields. Since your body also has a magnetic field, the Amethyst and your body can exchange energy with one another¹.
Amethyst is Quartz, which means that it is capable of increasing the size of your biomagnetic field by 100% within seconds of standing in its presence. This can replenish lost energy eroded by depressive episodes or physical harm. It can also increase your energy levels.
Now where do the benefits of Amethyst originate? Like other crystals, it has two important abilities that are responsible for its benefits: far infrared radiation and negative ion emission.

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